Outdoor venues can be great for any kind of event, even the most formal. Whatever the occasion, there is nothing too good or special for the sun or moon, trees, grass, and fresh air.

Outdoor events are more popular than ever now because of the reduced risk of airborne viruses in the natural ventilation of the outdoors. From the catering perspective, there is some influence on menu planning–including fun barbecue options–and for the most part anything done indoors can be accomplished outdoors. But yes, contingencies must be considered for the weather…

Wedding Picnic

Whether engagement party, main event, or any kind of send-off the day after, the outdoors is a great option.

Picnic To Go

For maximum mobility and flexibility, boxed-lunches or dinners–“bento boxes”–can be as delicious as any sit-down affair.


An outdoor affair can be most enjoyable for everyone involved, especially with kids, and the barbecue options are best!

Similarly to indoor events, the facilities of the location should be taken carefully into account. All venues, regardless of how enclosed or open-air, have capacities, an upper limit of how many guests can comfortably and safely be accommodated. Capacities are estimated in terms of not just the available space, but also the proximity and availability of various utilities… electricity, gas, running water, restrooms, roads, parking, etc. Even in the absence of all of these, a reasonable capacity can be served. The weather, however, does not always agree, and we’ll need to work together on a contingency plan, with options for cancellation, relocation, and/or rescheduling. In any case, a fun event can be planned and successfully held anywhere under the sky!

We know your time is extremely valuable and we’ll treat it that way. In ten minutes or less, we can cover a lot of important preliminaries so that decisions you will need to make can be made efficiently. But if you prefer to start with an e-mail, just click the contact button below. Tell us whatever comes to mind about your plan. That’ll be a great start. We’ll probably respond within the hour!

We’re as committed as you are to making a top-notch impression. As your caterer, we consider everyone in attendance at your event to not only be an honored guest who deserves the best, but also a potential or repeat customer who will likely share their experience of your event with more than a few friends of their own. So it is all the more important for us to thoroughly understand the essentials about your expectations, and that includes what you expect to spend on catering. We’ll want to know your figure from the very beginning. All the details flow from that… plus magic.

Variety is more than just the spice of life. It’s a necessity. Without a doubt, you’re going to have a variety of human beings at your party, and that’s the spice-of-life part. But they will also have a variety of needs and preferences, and at least a few of those needs and preferences may involve health and medical considerations. We’ll want to work with you very carefully to make sure important choices are not just delightfully available to those who need them, but also to those who’d be delighted simply to have them. We also understand very well the joys and challenges of introducing new or different culinary concepts. After all, MoCA built its business around Asian fusion. We’re proud to have grown our base of clientele from many guests who tried something at our restaurants for the first time. The food you serve is part of how you express yourself and your outlook on life. We look forward to learning how we can help you do that.

A great way to learn the quality of our kitchen work is to have lunch or dinner at any MoCA restaurant. As part of your planning process, we can also arrange a preview meal as a course that matches your plan. This is essentially your event in miniature in which you invite anyone whom you’d like to be part of the decision making process. We’ll need to price this part of the process as such, and we can save expense by hosting at a MoCA location rather than somewhere outdoors, but we do encourage you to plan it as a miniature special occasion for you and any guest. Based on this lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to confidently make adjustments and important decisions about the menu and how your event will be catered.