Engagement Party

The party before the party. The focus is typically on friends, especially the ones who go way back. Casual and fun!

Wedding Reception

The main event with family and friends! The guest list is longest, and the festivities can last into the night.

Farewell Brunch

A final hurrah for a more intimate gathering, with gratitude to guests who traveled far for the occasion.

Few catered events depend more on advanced planning than weddings. As your caterer, MoCA will seek to learn as much as possible about the needs and preferences of the betrothed and their guests so that every expectation will be met beautifully. With sufficient planning in advance, you’ll need only to anticipate how wonderful it will be!

There are many big and small factors to mind in a well-executed wedding plan, and they do frequently change along the way. Here are some of the major considerations and our approach:

You may be starting from a blank page, or you may have your heart set on a specific place… or perhaps you’re merely considering some options. Venue representatives will be happy to go over the important considerations with you. MoCA will also be delighted to take the lead in matching the best venue to your requirements and desires, or provide backup and an experienced second opinion through that process.

There are certain life events that are too important not to establish personal relationships with everyone whose role is critical to success, and we do recommend getting those relationships started early on. Let’s schedule a call. The first time need only be 15 or 20 minutes by phone just to take care of introductions and preliminaries… and be assured that there will be more! We know your time is extremely valuable and we’ll treat it that way.

We’re as committed as you are to making a fabulous impression. As your caterer, we consider everyone in attendance at your reception to not only be an honored guest who deserves the best, but also a potential or repeat customer who will likely share their experience of your event with more than a few friends of their own. So it is all the more important for us to thoroughly understand the essentials about your expectations, and that includes what you expect to spend on catering. The combined catering & venue share of a wedding budget can easily be 40%. We’ll want to know your figure from the very beginning. All the details flow from that… plus magic.

Variety is more than just the spice of life. It’s a necessity. Without a doubt, you’re going to have a variety of guests at your party, and that’s the spice-of-life part. But they will also have a variety of needs and preferences, and at least a few of those needs and preferences may involve health and medical considerations. We’ll want to work with you very carefully to make sure important choices are not just delightfully available to those who need them, but also to those who’d be delighted simply to have them. We also understand very well the joys and challenges of introducing new or different culinary concepts. After all, MoCA built its business around Asian fusion. We’re proud to have grown our base of clientele from many guests who tried something at our restaurants for the first time. The food you serve is part of how you express who you are and your outlook on life. We look forward to learning how we can help you do that.

Think of your wedding catering plan in two stages: imagination and creation. We’ll spend the first stage learning about you, your guests, and all your needs. This is a journey of imagination, where we envision the menu together and every taste is held in the mind. Next, you’ll want to be sure imagination and creation will be a happy couple, too! This can only be accomplished by creating an actual dining experience of your event before the event. It is essentially the equivalent of a special afternoon or night out for you and any special guests whom you’d like to involve in your decisions. We’ll need to price this part of the process as such, so we do encourage you to treat it as a special occasion to go out for a very special meal. Based on this lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to confidently make adjustments and important decisions about the menu and how your event will be catered.